Yamadera Spot Guide


Here is the impression that you can not taste without climbing.

  • Endo Main Store

    Drop by for our IMO-NI stew and HOJUKKO(savory stuffed rice flour buns).

  • Endo Branch Store

    Don't leave without trying our famous Yamagata pickles!

  • Fumotoya(main location)

    Try our cherry soft-serve ice cream,or our soba with GESO(squid legs) tempura.

  • Fumotoya(mountain entrance location)

    How about a ZUNDA(sweet soybean paste) parfait to go with your coffee?

  • Itcho Teahouse

    Give your body a boost with our CHIKARA("power") KONNYAKU!

  • Izumiya

    Sample a bowl of our delicious IMO-NI stew.

  • Jorikibo

    Stop by freshly pounded rice cakes and ZUNDA(sweet soybeen paste) ice cream.

  • Kashidokoro Fuga

    We hope you'll pay us a visit!

  • Maidoya

    Enjoy our IMO-NI stew and handmade soba noodles.

  • Masuya

    River fish cuisine accompanied by a panoramic mountain view.

  • Mitoya

    Gaze upon the river as you enjoy our handmade soba noodles.

  • Monzen Café

    Featuring a wide range of Yamadera goods.

  • Sakura Biyori

    Brows our selection of handmade coin purses and CHIRIMEN(crepefabric) goods.

  • Sanmon Baiten Shop

    Come in and take the weight off your feet!

  • Mountaintop Souvenir Shop

    Cold drinks available!

  • Shoseido

    Our specialties are MOROKOSHI sweets and MANJU confections.

  • Taimenseki

    A restaurant with a scenic view.

  • Takifudo Kisoba

    Our house specialty is tempura soba,hot or clod.

  • Terakoya Honpo

    We sell handmade rice crackers and Japanese and Western goods.

  • Yamadera Pottery

    We specialize in handmade Yamadera pottery ware.

Yamadera Archive 1933-1937 Yamadera Source: Yamagata Digital Contents Center

  • 山寺アーカイブ01
  • 山寺アーカイブ02
  • 山寺アーカイブ03
  • 山寺アーカイブ04
  • 山寺アーカイブ05
  • 山寺アーカイブ06
  • 山寺アーカイブ07
  • 山寺アーカイブ08
  • 山寺アーカイブ09
  • 山寺アーカイブ10
  • 山寺アーカイブ11
  • 山寺アーカイブ12
  • 山寺アーカイブ13
  • 山寺アーカイブ14
  • 山寺アーカイブ15
  • 山寺アーカイブ16
  • 山寺アーカイブ17
  • 山寺アーカイブ18
  • 山寺アーカイブ19
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