YamaderaSpot Guide

Kaizando Hall and Godaido

Kaizando (“Founder’s Hall”) is dedicated to Jikaku Daishi, founder of Risshakuji Temple. A wooden statue of Jikaku Daishi is enshrined within this hall, and incense and food offerings are made each morning and evening. Nokyodo, the small red structure located on the cliff next to Kaizando Hall, is used for storing sutras and is the oldest building in the Yamadera temple complex. Nokyodo has been designated an important prefectural cultural property, and was dismantled and reconstructed in 1987. Directly below Nokyodo is the nyujokutsu (“cave for the dead”) where the remains of Jikaku Daishi, who died in 864, rest. Further up the path from Kaizando is the Godaido observation deck, where visitors may enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the Yamadera countryside. Enshrined within are statues of the Godai Myo’o, or “Five Wisdom Kings,” who are believed to help preserve peace in the world.

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