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TOP 3 duty free shop at River Station/Mogami Gorge Kusanagi

Kusanagi Port is the general call of "River Station/Mogami Kusanagi”, the port on the Basho Line of Mogami River along National Route NO.47. Domestic products in Yamagata Prefecture are converging at duty free shops. Here's the TOP 3 most popular ones!

2017.3.10 / Yoshikazu

Here is the restaurant of the TozawahanFunabansho! Have a delicious lunch!

Here is the meal service that you can eat snacks such as udon, soba, ramen, curry at Funabansho. Even though it's snack, we are confident on its taste made by good ingredients. Also, the best food culture inheritor in the premises, Hand-made Soba Bashoan, was renewed. You will be able to experience hand-making soba if you book 3 days in advance, and the freshly made soba is also delicious!

2017.3.10 / Yoshikazu

A-must-visit shops in Zao!

There are a lot of gourmet foods and souvenirs which are only available in Zao Onsen town. Now, introducing to you a-must-visit eateries and shops in Zao!

2016.10.24 / Yoshikazu


Mount Zao has been the place that hosts ritualistic tests of courage and devotion for mountaineering ascetic monks called shugenja. Hence, some spots are believed to hold mysterious powers, which why they were called power spots. We are sure that these power spots worth a look while you’re visiting Zao.

2016.8.29 / Misaki

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  • Around Zao Onsen

    Sangoro Forest Inn

    Hot spring/Japanese Inn/Hotel

    A cup of hot coffee as a service

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  • Around Zao Onsen

    Maruden Shop


    10% discount

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  • Around Zao Onsen

    Zao Service Station


    There is a free parking area for 1 hour at the gas station during summer from April to November.
    Please use it when you want to go for a walk around the town.

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