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Meal at Sakata. Now, what to eat?

Port town Sakata has plenty of delicious things! I have trouble wishing for that too. Let me introduce your meal and recommended gourmet in Sakata central area.

2017.8.1 / Yukiko

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  • Around Zao Onsen

    Sangoro Forest Inn

    Hot spring/Japanese Inn/Hotel

    A cup of hot coffee as a service

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  • Around Zao Onsen

    Zao Meihinkan Notoya Rental Shop

    Ski Area/Rental

    10% discounts on rental of ski or snowboard

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  • Around Yamadera/Omoshiroyama

    Yamadera Goto Musemu

    Art Gallery/Other Facilities

    入館料 高校生以上 100円引き(5名様まで)

    Expiration date:-

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